Grozev: Some Russian missile gunners were born in Ukraine

Grozev: Some Russian missile gunners were born in Ukraine

Among the gunners of high-precision Russian missiles who help the Russian army to strike at Ukrainian cities, there are even people who were born in Ukraine. Bellingcat investigator Hristo Grozev told NV about this in an interview.

The journalists learned the names of 33 people working under the leadership of Russian Colonel Igor Bagnyuk and probably programming the flight paths of several of the most dangerous types of missiles.

Grozev explained that when the investigators found out the phones of these people and tried to get more detailed information from them about the guidance of missiles, they left “two different anonymous email accounts” for possible feedback. According to them, missile gunners “could send (truthful) information, even if they personally tell us that they work on a pig farm, or say nothing at all (for fear of punitive measures from the FSB).”

That's right , according to Grozev, the investigators received a letter in which one of the engineers agreed to share certain information on condition of anonymity. “Therefore, we cannot be completely sure which of these 33 sent us this anonymous email, a couple of photos and a little bit of context, a couple of sentences. Among these people there are people who were born in Ukraine, so it is quite possible that someone’s conscience spoke,” Grozev suggested.

However, he did not specify the names of people born in Ukraine.

  • Bellingcat has partnered with The Insider and Der Spiegel to identify gunners involved in massacres of Ukrainian civilians and criminal attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

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