Gumenyuk: Armed Forces of Ukraine received fierce battles due to bravura statements of deputies and bloggers

Gumenyuk: Armed Forces of Ukraine received fierce battles because of the bravura statements of deputies and bloggers

South Defense Speaker Natalya Gumenyuk warned journalists, bloggers and people's deputies against chasing a sensation and spreading unverified or unauthorized information about events at the front by the military command. She stated this in an interview with Detector Media.

According to Gumenyuk, the problem of information leakage that harms military operations is becoming especially acute, for example, when “at the suggestion of deputies and bloggers, they began to discuss the liberation of one of the villages on south direction, while fighting was still going on around it, these bravura statements provoked the enemy to throw forces precisely in this direction.

She noted that instead of advancing the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they received fierce battles and risk for the locals.

“This is such a terrible result – someone’s curses and ratings at the cost of human lives,” — emphasized Gumenyuk.

She said that it is important to realize that under martial law, premature, more than permitted disclosure of information can cost someone a life.

«And some journalists also have fears that the military will censor the masterpiece material … Personally, I consider it one of the achievements of our center that we have not slipped to this point. On the contrary, we invented a special style, how to tell without disclosing, how to show without revealing … superfluous. Although, for the sake of a fair and objective assessment, I will say that they began to listen to us and respect the appeal, for example, about the need for information silence. Thanks!” – said Gumenyuk.

She clarified that it was to protect people from false information related to events at the front that the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine was created.

“This is an official authorized source of information, reporting exactly as much and when necessary. In simple words, it looks like this: «People, the enemy attacked (with what, from where – everyone is interested), damaged or destroyed (we name what, but without disclosing unnecessary details), injured (we name it as it should) “. And we definitely focus on those threats that are possible either as a result or in the future due to a change in enemy tactics, that is, a culture of reporting materials in war conditions is already being formed”, & # 8212; Gumenyuk explained.

In her opinion, one of the achievements of the center was the development of an algorithm for lighting and creating photo and video content at those facilities where civilian journalists are not allowed.

< p>“We shoot enough video footage, record comments, live emotions of the participants in the events, but we do not allow outsiders to enter the object and we do not orient the enemy. Such material is promptly collected, formed and provided to journalists for free access to create their own stories. This helps provide both coverage and restraint under martial law,” — Gumenyuk said.

Commenting on the problem of bloggers who have become military experts and military experts who have become bloggers, she admitted that for her this is “a phenomenon through the looking glass.”

< p>“I’ll explain: if you are an expert expert, then why are you not part of the Defense Forces, why don’t you put your potential into victory in the most effective way? Are you afraid of responsibility? For conclusions and proposals, decisions and their implementation should be answered. And not just proclaim that you know how best to do it. There is no need to answer for such conversations, but you can create an impression, show off your mind. A military expert, if he is real, in such a situation will cooperate with the army and the Ministry of Defense, this is obvious. If not, then this is nothing more than self-promotion”, — added Gumenyuk.

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