Gumenyuk: The occupiers feel the pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are confused

Gumenyuk: The occupants feel the pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are confused

Ukrainian troops continue to advance in the south and the Russian military is feeling pressure from the UAF. This was announced by the head of the joint press center of the operational command & # 171; South & # 187; Natalya Gumenyuk on air at the telethon.

«The activity of our troops worries the enemy, they are really confused, they feel our pressure, they are yielding, there is progress, it is slow, but it is happening very steadily, we are still moving forward with small steps,” Gumenyuk said.

Also, among the remaining threats to Ukrainian settlements, she recalled Russian kamikaze drone attacks. Gumenyuk noted that the enemy began to use these drones in larger groups, 5-9 UAVs at a time. According to her, kamikaze drones are mainly sent to strike infrastructure for the psychological effect — tension in society.

Answering the question whether the blowing up of the Kerch bridge had an impact on the fighting in the south, Gumenyuk said that she had the impression that the Russians & # 171; increased, but the packing of things and the removal of families became more active».

  • The StratCom reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up in the headquarters of the occupiers, more than 20 people were liquidated.

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