GUR: Information about a new offensive from Belarus is a fake to sow panic among Ukrainians

GUR: Information about a new offensive from Belarus – fake to sow panic among Ukrainians

Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Andrei Yusov said that the information that Belarus is allegedly preparing an offensive is spread on purpose. He said this on the air of Freedom.

«Information-psychological special operations very often pursue several goals at the same time. And in this case, we see different goals, that is, on the one hand, to sow panic among the population, among Ukrainians, including residents of border areas and regions. And disorientate the Ukrainian defense forces, disperse forces, overturn forces from other directions. Well, also the object and goals of this special psychological information operation is Belarus itself and Belarusians, that is, injection. Make it sparkle, and still draw Belarus itself into a full-scale war, which was not there before,” Yusov said.

He noted that now it is very important to understand what goals puts the enemy in front of him. You cannot be subjected to this kind of provocation.

«We are not saying that there is no threat from Lukashenka's regime. It exists, and Lukashenka helps Putin with weapons, ammunition, and armored vehicles. It provides its airspace for strikes against Ukraine, but we cannot say that a full-scale invasion will take place in the near future and Belarus will be involved in a ground operation,” added the representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine.

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