GUR interception: Say “thank you” to our commander in chief, who fucked up business here | VIDEO

Power Steering Intercept: Say «thank you» to our commander in chief who fucked up the business here | VIDEO

The Russian occupier, in a telephone conversation with his wife, complained that Putin «f*cked business», and the military «now to disentangle all this». The interception of the conversation was published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

The Russian first complains about his health – he has a neglected form of streptoderma, which he treats with savage methods adopted in the Russian outback, since there are no suitable medicines and he cannot even go for a package .

According to the occupant, even asking for peroxide from colleagues does not make sense – «every man for himself, if someone has something, he will not give».

Then he discusses the mobilization in Russia with his wife and says that «it's like putting panties on your head» and that «Putin with this mobilization (managed) hard».

At the same time, his contract has already ended, but he cannot leave, since he is now considered «mobilized&# 187;.

«Say «thank you» to our commander-in-chief, who fucked up business here & # 8230; Such a bastard, damn it! How we curse him here is simply beyond words. Him and his blunt-nosed brethren who threw us here, and now we are all here to sort out what they did there», he says.

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