GUR MO: Russia may launch an attack on Zaporozhye

GUR MO: Russia may launch attack on Zaporozhye

The Russians may launch an attack on the Zaporozhye region, in the Kharkiv direction they will try to stop the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated by Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate, in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

He said that over the past two weeks, the Russian Federation has transferred many of its troops not only to the east, but also to the Zaporozhye region and Kherson. To do this, the occupiers used trains and planes.

When asked where the new Russian offensive could come from, Skibitsky replied that they were now observing increased pressure in the Donetsk region, which he wants to occupy completely together with the Luhansk Russian Federation since the beginning of a full-scale war.

«So far they haven't succeeded. They will probably start a new offensive in the Zaporozhye region. And in the direction of Kharkov they will try to stop our counteroffensive. They will try to hold their positions in Kherson, where they are building up defenses, as well as on the Crimean peninsula, which is strategically special for them,” the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate said.

He clarified that the Ukrainian intelligence so far there is no evidence that an assault group is being created in Belarus or troops are being transferred. Skibitsky suggests that Russia can use the territory of the republic as a base for «reorganization of troops».

«But at the moment, Russia does not have enough troops for a new offensive from north», he stressed.

According to Skibitsky, the intensity of shelling in these directions may increase in the spring or summer – now Russia is «not easy» relocate their troops due to conditions on the ground.

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