GUR: Russia used about 660 kamikaze drones, a new delivery will be soon

GUR: RF used about 660 kamikaze drones, new delivery coming soon

Russia used about 660 Iranian kamikaze drones «Shahed» in the war against Ukraine. There will soon be a new batch of drones, Vadim Skibitsky, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said.

«As for drones, Russia really has problems with the arsenal, including drones . To date, they have used approximately 660 «Shahedov» drones. The contract provides for 1,750 units. It also takes time for their delivery and preparation. During the last days they have used a large amount, and these stocks need to be replenished. According to our data, now they will have another delivery batch – we will specify the number of drones», — Skibitsky said, adding that the Russians had previously imported 250-300 pieces in batches.

The representative of the GUR explained that the Russians use different heights and different directions to bypass Ukraine's air defenses, and also change areas launching drones.

«A massive swarm of drones is aimed at breaking through the Ukrainian air defense system and getting into objects. If you launch a small number – 5-10 drones – there will be no such effect. The Russians are trying to ensure a breakthrough of our air defense system with a large number of drones,” Skibitsky said.

According to him, now the enemy is launching drones from the Russian coast of the Sea of ​​​​Azov, and before that they made launches from Crimea. At the same time, the enemy can choose another direction, on the way of which there are fewer Ukrainian air defense systems.

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