GUR: Russia uses old Ukrainian cruise missiles for shelling

GUR: Russia uses old Ukrainian cruise missiles for shelling

Russia uses Ukrainian X-55 cruise missiles during massive shelling, transferred under the Budapest Memorandum. This was announced by the representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky in an interview with The New York Times.

“All ballistic missiles, Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers were transferred. Now these bombers are launching Kh-55 missiles against us, developed in the 1970s with a nuclear warhead. The Russians remove the warhead of these missiles and add ballast to mask the fact that the missile does not carry a payload,” he said.

When shelling, Russia uses Ukrainian missiles as bait to force Ukraine use air defense against them. First they launch the X-55 missile, we react to it. It's like a decoy, he added.

Also, Skibitsky said that according to intelligence calculations, the Russian Federation has missiles for another three to five waves of strikes, if there are from 80 to 90 missiles in one wave.

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