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Rome, April 18, 2021 – Lo sport, slowly, he starts again. And so too gyms, closed for at least 7 months, they reopen. Between the measures and the new rules (from 26 April yes to soccer) announced on Friday at a press conference by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, there is in fact the reopening of indoor gyms. With this guide, we try to understand when they actually reopen, what are the rules – from the changing rooms, to the showers, to the clothing – that the owners of the activities and all the people who want to return to training will have to follow (here the regions that could already be yellow today).

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Pass between regions: this is how it works

Gyms, the reopening date

The date announced for the reopening of indoor gyms is theJune 1, 2021. On Friday, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said at a press conference: “The idea we have is that from May 15th the outdoor swimming pools can reopen, and that from June 1st some activities related to gyms can be activated”.
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Lessons and reservations, the rules for access

Access to gyms will be regulated by strict guidelines for avoid gatherings. Managers are invited to draw up a detailed program of activities, pushing on reservations of the same. At the entrance, the body temperature, preventing access in case of temperatures above 37.5 degrees.

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From changing rooms to showers, the planned measures

Gym operators are required to organize spaces of the premises so that no gatherings are created (for example by providing alternate workstations or by separating the workstations with special barriers). Athletes must respect the interpersonal distancing of two meters (and one meter while not exercising) and will have to wear masks in the common areas. For the moment, it is expected that showers will be able to be used after training, but in the changing rooms it will still be mandatory to maintain a distance of two meters from each other. Finally, the sanitization of tools and machinery after use by athletes is also mandatory. The owners are required to keep open, where possible, windows and doors in order to facilitate the exchange of air.

Water bottles, towels, backpacks

Athletes are required not to share their personal items with other athletes: therefore water bottles, glasses, bottles, towels, bathrobes. The clothes must be stored in their own bags, even if they are deposited in the lockers of the gyms. In any case, owners are advised not to allow mixed use of the lockers and to make bags available to athletes to store their personal effects.

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