Gynecologist targeted by justice for having helped a girl to have an abortion after a rape

A gynecologist targeted by justice for having helped a girl to abort after a rape

Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb quickly convened the legislature to issue an abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy.

Authorities in Indiana have announced that they are investigating a gynecologist who helped a ten-year-old girl abort after a rape, a file that crystallizes the debates on U.S. Supreme Court U-turn.

Doctor Caitlin Bernard reported to several media in early July that she received the little girl in Indianapolis after being contacted by a colleague from Ohio.

In this northern state , neighbor of Indiana, the decision of the Supreme Court, on June 24, to no longer guarantee the right to terminate a pregnancy, immediately allowed the entry into force of a law prohibiting x27;abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

But the little girl, raped in May by a man who was arrested on Tuesday, had exceeded this term. So she traveled to Indiana, where abortions remain legal until 21 weeks of pregnancy. State, with a Republican majority, are hostile to the right to abortion and are considering banning the procedure in turn.

Abortion rights activists rally outside the state legislature in Indianapolis , the day after the judgment Roe c. Wade.

Meanwhile, the state's attorney general lashed out at Dr. Bernard on Wednesday night, accusing her of failing to report the girl's case to authorities, as local law dictates. x27; y obliges in terms of pedophilia.

We have this pro-abortion activist, who claims to be a doctor, and who is notorious for not filing required reports, Todd Rokita told Fox News.

So we are gathering the information, the evidence, and we will fight until the end, he continued, threatening to revoke his professional license if it does not did not inform us.

The tragic case was cited Friday by Democratic President Joe Biden in decrying the Supreme Court ruling.

“Ten years! Raped, six weeks pregnant, already traumatized and now forced to go to another state!

—Joe Biden, President of the United States

But until the suspect's arrest, the conservative press and several government officials ;Ohio had expressed doubts about the veracity of the drama.

Abortion opponents are now accusing abortion rights advocates of using the girl to promote their cause and blaming her misfortunes on Joe Biden's migration policy , his attacker being an irregular Guatemalan immigrant.

This horrible situation has been caused by Marxists, socialists and those in the White House who advocate for a lawless border, the attorney general of the United States launched on Wednesday. ;Indiana.

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