Harlequin, Pierre and Concubine. Suta and Beļcova Museum hosts an exhibition dedicated to carnivals / Article

Harlequin, Pierre and Concubine. Suta and Beļcova Museum hosts an exhibition dedicated to carnivals / Article

Roman Suta and Alexander Belcova Museum open exhibition, which allows you to look at the carnivals organized by Latvian artists during the interwar period. In addition, it affirms that art always finds images and shapes to remind you that life is beautiful and must be enjoyed. The exhibition includes works by Suta and Beļcova, as well as photographs and costumes from the collection of fashion historian Aleksandrs Vasiljevs.

In the improvised artist’s workshop, in the cozy and bohemian atmosphere of the Roman Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova Museum, the opportunity to return to the time when the world was in the terrible foreboding of the Second World War People tried to forget stress by celebrating life. As in the whole of Europe, balls and carnivals were held in Latvia.

Natalia Yevseyeva, the curator of the exhibition, says: art commedy (its second name is a mask comedy). “

The main symbolic images – Harlequin, Pierre, concubine – are also seen in carnivals organized by Latvian artists, on theater stages, such as concubine Anta Klints, but the exhibition features two original costumes from Aleksandrs Vasiljevs’ costume collection from the 1920s. These costumes were worn during carnival visits.

There is a legend that Roman Suta used to meet guests in a clown costume at the house party, but at the parties, judging by the content of Suta and Beļcova’s wardrobe, people dressed in costumes, dressed in tuxedos and costumes brought from the world’s metropolises.

There are many photos in the exhibition where you can see the joy of carnivals, says the curator of the exhibition: “At that time, any corporation, any small society, not just artists, organized carnivals. It was a sign of the times.

People were generally tired of the adversities and calamities of the First World War and wanted joy, a holiday – probably just like now. ”

The symbolic images of the carnival in each of the works of art on display at the Roman Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova Museum will inspire.

Harlequin and Pierre. Eternal holiday. The spirit of the interwar period – an exhibition in the museum of R. Suta and A. Belcova4min

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