“He personally transported the bodies from Makiivka. Says 610 dead”: GUR interception | VIDEO

More than 600 people were killed as a result of the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the place of deployment of the Russian occupiers in Makeevka. The corresponding interception of a telephone conversation between one of the invaders and his wife was published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

It follows from the conversation that the number of dead invaders in Makeevka is at least 610 people, while the bodies of the dead «was taken out by KamAZ trucks&#187 ;. According to a Russian who is fighting in Ukraine, the Russian authorities are hushing up the real death toll in Makiivka in order to avoid a riot among the population.

The conversation also mentions a case when a Russian commander punished a soldier for drinking beer on New Year's Eve and sent him back to a position with a severe contusion and a broken eye socket.

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