He voluntarily calls the police with his pockets full of drugs

He voluntarily arrests the police with pockets full of drugs

Police conducted a check and search as the man was on probation.

A man from Sherbrooke will think twice before calling the police for the simple pleasure… while he is walking with drugs in his pocket.

The incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday on Bowen Street near King Street East.

The man was intoxicated in the lane public when he saw some policemen and decided to shout at them.

He was known to the police, which prompted patrol officers to carry out certain checks, explains Sherbrooke Police Department spokesperson Benoit Pellerin.

< p>“It's not unusual for people to stop the police for no particular reason in this area. »

— Benoit Pellerin, spokesman for the SPS

Police checks revealed that this man had to respect conditions dictated by the court, including that of not not consume alcohol. Additionally, during the search, approximately 200 tablets resembling methamphetamine, contraband cigarettes, a knife, and cash presumably from the sale of narcotics were found on him.

Patrol officers arrested the man. He was taken to headquarters, says agent Pellerin.

Charges related to drug trafficking and non-compliance with release conditions could be filed against him.

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