Head of the Armed Forces: Occupiers were given weapons for sexual violence against Ukrainians

Head of the Armed Forces: Occupants were given weapons for sexual violence against Ukrainians

< p> In the de-occupied territories, weapons of sexual violence were found, which Russian officers handed out to the military to bully Ukrainians. Chairman of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev announced this during the international conference United for Justice in Lviv, Ukrinform reports.

«There are no just performers in sexual crimes in Ukraine, there are also organizers. Because the structure of these crimes is very complex. Was it not a form of genocide of the Ukrainian people? In the de-occupied territories of Pushcha, Borodyanka, Irpen, when I visited the liberated and destroyed court premises, in one of them, which was used as the headquarters of Russian officers, the SBU found a whole box of funds used to commit violent sexual acts. The officers distributed them to the soldiers so that they would use them in the future. It is likely that they already had it with them, and this crime was planned in advance», — Knyazev said.

He stressed that it is important for Ukraine and the international community to determine who is responsible for this crime, who is its subject. According to Knyazev, soon these cases in the courts will become massive, and it is important to qualify certain actions.

According to the head of the Supreme Court, there are two points of view. One indicates that the subject of the crime of genocide can only be the highest military and political leadership that gave orders for the destruction of a particular nation. And on the other hand, there is a simple Russian soldier who kills Ukrainians, arguing that such a nation does not exist.

Knyazev noted that only one case regarding the crime of genocide is being considered in court.

  • As the NYT wrote, Russian commanders encouraged rape in the occupied territories.

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