Hecatomb during an Independence Day parade near Chicago

Hecatomb during an Independence Day parade near Chicago

The shooter, considered “armed and dangerous”, is still wanted by police.

First responders respond to the scene of a shooting during the Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Utah. Illinois, near Chicago.

At least 6 people were killed and 24 others seriously injured in a shooting in Highland Park, north of Chicago, early in the #x27;a United States Independence Day parade, according to the latest report from local authorities.

In an early afternoon press conference, Highland Park Police Commander Chris O'Neil and Lake County Department spokesman Christopher Covelli confirmed that the shooter remains actively wanted.

People attending the parade quickly left their folding chairs behind when the shooting broke out

According to Mr. O'Neill, the perpetrator of this senseless act of gratuitous violence was a short white man between the ages of 18 and 20, with long black hair and a white or blue t-shirt. He reportedly opened fire around 10:14 a.m., less than a quarter of an hour after the start of the traditional parade.

Mr. Covelli said the man would have opened from the roof of a building in the area. A rifle was also found at the crime scene, he said, but the suspect remains armed and dangerous all the same. Spectators who were filming the event are asked to send a copy of their video to the police.

Officers from several police forces are deployed to the scene. The shooter has not been arrested.

In an earlier Twitter post, Illinois State Police said they are simply saying they are assisting the Highland Park Police Department with an active shooter situation, urging the public to avoid the Central Avenue and 2nd Street area in Highland Park.

“The event is in Classes. All people are asked to confine themselves. Law enforcement is looking for the suspect. Evidence [of the use] of a firearm was found.

— Message from the Municipality of Highland Park

A major police deployment is underway at the scene of the shooting. The shooter has not been arrested.

On a day when we come together to celebrate our community and our freedom, we must instead mourn these tragic losses, and fight the terror that has left us inflicted, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said at the press conference.

No details of the victims have yet been released. .

With information from Associated Press, and Chicago Sun-Times

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