Helene Segara: her love story with Damien Sargue, 17 years old at the time

At the time, their story hit the headlines. Damien Sargue was 17 years old, Hélène Ségara was 27. However, despite their age difference, the two musicians lived a beautiful love story, for two years.
On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Hélène Ségara and the other jurors ofIncredible Talent (M6) will be present for the show’s semi-final. The opportunity to look back on the musician’s life course, in particular her relationship with her colleague Damien Sargue . On the set of the show L’Instant deLuxe on Non Stop People , February 13, 2020, the singer of Romeo and Juliet revealed to have had ” a beautiful story “, of ” almost two years “, with Hélène Ségara.

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” We had a great story together. It was like two people meeting and all of a sudden … something is happening. For me, today, it does not seem problematic , because it has become much democratized today. But Hélène, she was only 27 years old and I was 17. Not major and vaccinated, but sexual majority made “, had told Damien Sargue , now old 39 years old.

But at the time, Hélène Ségara was approaching thirties and he was not major. A relationship that had not necessarily been viewed positively. ” It was not complicated because Hélène always lived, I want to say, normal. She was already the mother of a little boy who was 7 years old at the time. There were paparazzi, but it didn’t did not prevent us from moving, traveling and living a pseudo normal life “, the artist recalled.

Now 49 years old, Hélène Ségara is married to musician Mathieu Lecat . Together they had two children: Matteo (17) and Maya (16) . In the past, she had welcomed a boy, Raphael (born in the 1990s) born of a past relationship with singer Raf.

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