Here it all begins – Death of Auguste Armand: Francis Huster informed from the start? Revelations

Sad news for the fans of “Here everything begins”. Auguste Armand died in the episode of December 21, 2020. Asked by “Télé Loisirs”, the producer said more on the subject and revealed if Francis Huster was aware from the start.
Shock for the fans of Here it all begins . Almost two months after the launch of the series on TF1, a leading character was killed in the episode of December 21, 2020. An event on which the producer Sarah Farahmand confided in Télé Loisirs .

In the episode of December 18, when he was about to make a big announcement to his relatives, Auguste Armand (role played by Francis Huster ) had a heart attack. A fatal attack as the viewers discovered on Monday. The public did not expect this turnaround, however, the production had planned this plot from the beginning . ” It was a desire to Eric Fuhrer, Director collection to surprise the audience. (…) The idea was to surprise and show that we are capable of anything. Do never think that the series will be a long quiet river … “, confided Sarah Farahmand.

Of course, Francis Huster was made aware from the outset of this dire fate. ” That was part of the arguments presented to him when we contacted him . We indeed knew that he had an intense theatrical activity and filming projects. But he was also won over by the character, by his harshness. with his daughters in contrast with the gentleness and the pedagogy he showed with his students, “said the producer toLeisure TV .

Very quickly, the race for inheritance will rage between Clotilde (played by Elsa Lunghini ) and Rose ( Vanessa Demouy ) because Auguste Armand did not have time to express his last wishes. And new secrets will come to the surface: ” The death of Augustus will have many consequences. Claire [Catherine Marchal, Editor’s note] will ask herself the question of changing the restaurant menu and the training of students. Today, the very traditional cuisine which made the glory of Augustus and the Institute is no longer necessarily in the air. People are more concerned with ecology, respect for animals, and local consumption. This will be part of the questions asked: are we respecting the legacy of Augustus or are we turning the page? Obviously, I only gave you the aperitif there … Behind, there is a tasting menu in seven courses (She laughs). We will learn a lot of things about Auguste and his links with Claire, Teyssier … ”

For her part, Elsa Lunghini confirmed to Télé Star that ” there is never a truce at the institute “. She assures that her character will be ” let down by everyone ” and that her rivalry with her sister Rose will be more appropriate than ever. But an event should eventually bring them together. What suspense!

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