Hero of Ukraine, Karaya pilot told what Ukrainian pilots lack

Hero of Ukraine, pilot Karaya told what Ukrainian pilots lack

Today, Ukrainian pilots need airborne «air — air» to increase the range of destruction. Pilot Vadim Voroshilov with the call sign «Karaya», who received the title of Hero of Ukraine, spoke about this in an interview with the UE.

«The first thing we need is to increase the range by which can see our radar and sighting systems. The second is airborne guided vehicles & # 171; air & # 8212; air» with a much greater range than we currently have. Therefore, we really need F-16s that can provide our needs for this & # 187;, & # 8212; he said.

Voroshilov expressed confidence that after defeating the Russian invaders, Ukraine will have Western-style aircraft, and will also modernize both equipment and training system.

«Of course, we are inferior in electronics, aircraft equipment, but we have tremendous experience in the design of airframes, in rocket science and in the production of engines. To make the perfect product, we need to combine our experience with the Western », — the pilot added.

  • In October, Vadim Voroshilov shot down 2 missiles of the invaders, as well as 5 Iranian drones flying over the Vinnitsa region. After his plane was damaged, but the pilot took the fighter away from the village so that people would not be hurt, and was able to eject.
  • Vadim Voroshilov was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

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