“He’s putting a sight on my head”: Santiago Rivas receives threats

“He’s putting a sight on my head”: Santiago Rivas receives threats

In 2018 Santiago Rivas, host of the television program Los puros criollos, broadcast by Signal Colombia, denounced that the format left the channel’s programming after he published a video where he spoke about the complications that the MinTic Law would have for the media public. Photo: Colombia Signal

The journalist and television presenter Santiago Rivas expressed concern about a series of messages that they are sending that could be taken as serious threats against his life. The messages come from a Twitter account of who identifies himself as Rodrigo Casas (@ rodricas111) and that it has the profile photo of the retired colonel Publio Hernán Mejía, convicted of links with paramilitarism and extrajudicial executions.

“Pig journalist and defender of terrorists and guerrillas, Canal Capital, channel of criminals”; “The defender of Al Qaeda or terrorists of the first line, defender of paramilitaries and murderers of policemen”; “Santiago Rivas, defender of the front line, terrorists and police murderers”; are some of the messages that are in that Twitter account.

Series of trills that the presenter exposed when ensuring: “I want to publicly denounce that @ rodricas111 is putting a sight on my head. I ask the UNP and the Flip to help me take the necessary measures to guarantee that the tweets of this man remain only in the lies that they are “, Held.

Faced with these threats, Rivas received a message from several characters who regret that he is in this situation. “A big hug for Santiago Rivas. A talented guy whose time at Caracol Radio I only have one fond memory of. Nice guy; good wood. I see insults and epithets that it does not deserve for the only “crime” of giving an opinion. Go ahead! “Gustavo Gómez said.

For his part, Sergio Fajardo wrote: “We cannot allow opinion to remain a high-risk profession. All my solidarity to Santiago Rivas, who has expressed himself in favor of the demonstrations but never of armed groups outside the law. His life must be protected “.

Outbreak of violence against the press in Colombia

Through an urgent appeal officially sent to the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Secretary General of the United Nations, as well as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of Inter-American States (OAS) and Unesco, the Foundation for Freedom of the Press and Reporters Without Borders they warned of the alarming situation of violence against journalists covering protests in Colombia.

From April 28 to date, FLIP has documented 178 cases and 201 victims of attacks against journalists and the media that seek to cover social mobilizations in the country.

Due to these unprecedented figures of violence, and in the face of the inability of the Colombian Government to guarantee the press the conditions of security to carry out the informative work in a manner free of violence, RSF and FLIP urged the special rapporteurs and the Unesco to react immediately to the Colombian authorities by issuing the following recommendations:

“- To request the State of Colombia, headed by the President of the Republic and the Attorney General of the Nation and the Office of the Ombudsman, to publicly reject the attacks against the press, both the manifestations of public officials and those who hold positions of popular election, as it is a direct violation of the Constitution and the guarantees of freedom of the press contained in international instruments.

To request Colombia to report on the aggressions reported against the press by the public forces in the context of social and private protest, so that it is segregated by gender of the victim and type of aggression.

Request Colombia to provide clear information on the criminal and disciplinary investigations that have been initiated as a result of the events, the investigation activities carried out, the findings within them, and the members of the Public Force who allegedly participated in the events ” .


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