his wife Delia Duran already on a war footing

his wife Delia Duran already on a war footing

The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip it started a few hours ago and there have already been the first sparks, both inside and outside the house. If the competitors have begun to study each other, in fact, even their loved ones are attentive to what happens and the dynamics of the game. And Delia Duran, wife of Alex Belli, it is already on a war footing.

The actor, in fact, has decided to participate in the Big Brother Vip making it clear immediately not to be interested to create love stories or to be romantically involved. His heart, he said, is already busy with Delia Duran, his wife whom she loves deeply, to whom she is pillowcases and who, by the way, is extremely jealous.

Its beauty and charm, however, have not gone unnoticed and, since its entry, it has been involved in a nice and ironic curtain with the three sisters Selassiè, Clarissa, Jessica and Lucrezia, single girls open to the possibility of finding love within the reality show.

To set eyes on him too Sophie codegoni, official competitor who will make his entrance in the next few days. In his presentation video, previewed during the first episode of the show, in fact, the former tronista of Men and women he has declared to be attracted to Belli.

An uncomfortable situation for Delia Duran who, a few hours after the first episode, hurled herself against the show, the Selassiè sisters and, in particular, against Codegoni. She vented through stories on her Instagram profile, breaking up go to very strong words.

My husband entered the house because he wants to build a future for our family. He didn’t go there to entice and cheer up any kind of dissatisfied, popularity-seeking woman disguised as love. How dare you Sophie Codegoni! How dare the three ‘princesses’!

Delia Duran, lashing out at the competitors of the GF VIP 6, he forcefully stated that he had no intention to stand by and watch if someone went further by courting her Alex: “If this is the fold of the transmission I enter the House and take it away”.

In conclusion, the program has just started and strong clashes are already in the offing. Will Alfonso Signorini grant Delia the opportunity to speak with her husband and the other competitors or will he ignore Duran’s outburst to give space to the dynamics set in motion within the House?

The outburst of Delia Duran, wife of Alex Belli, on Instagram.


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