Hope, “I’m with Roberto”: the appeal against the motion of no confidence

Hope, “I’m with Roberto”: the appeal against the motion of no confidence

The Minister of Health “has been in the crosshairs of an ignoble political and personal attack for days. Insults, threats, intolerable accusations. As Italian citizens, as women and men of culture, work, art, sport, science , we would like to express our consent, our human and political support and our solidarity a Roberto Speranza“. Thus ends the text of an appeal signed by numerous personalities from culture, entertainment, journalism and associations. The Neapolitan writer launched it on Facebook Maurizio De Giovanni (the author of the famous detective stories on Commissioner Ricciardi). Among the signatories there are also the three secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, the presidents of the Anpi, of the ARCI, of the Cooperative League.

Fdi, Meloni against Hope: “Incompetent and inadequate, now the motion of no confidence”. The League: “We want to read it”. Fi takes off

April 15, 2021

The left in its broadest sense therefore takes sides in open defense of Speranza, for whom Giorgia Meloni and Brothers of Italy ask for distrust and victim of fire (more or less) friend of the League, partner in the government of broad understandings led by Mario Draghi. Therefore, we read: “Speranza has been and continues to be a decisive point of reference. He fought to return to invest significantly in public health. He fought for the principle of maximum precaution and maximum caution, when others told us that it was only an influence and they suggested opening up, running, not wasting time. He fought to impose – with the support first of President Conte and now of President Draghi – a strict line that prevented tens of thousands of others infected and of other dead “.

On the one hand, therefore, the protests of the sovereign right, on the other those in piazza dei restaurateurs in part promoted and supported by the same political area: a heterogeneous world that sees in the minister exponent of Article 1 – LeU an obstacle to the request to reopen everything, despite the hundreds of daily deaths due to Covid-19. Among the 130 signatories of the document there are, among others, Don Luigi Ciotti, Antonio Scurati, Gianrico Carofiglio, Corrado Augias, Michele Serra, Francesco Guccini; and then, Gabriele Salvatores, Neri Marcorè, Ferzan Ozpetek, Sabrina Ferilli, Massimo Ghini, Monica Guerritore, Tomaso Montanari, Moni Ovadia, Eugenio Finardi and Renzo Ulivieri.

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