Human Rights Watch accuses Ukrainian Armed Forces of using illegal “petal” mines in Izyum

Human Rights Watch accuses Ukrainian Armed Forces of using prohibited mines «petals» in Izyum< /p>

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch accused the Ukrainian military of using anti-personnel mines in Izyum, Kharkiv region, during its occupation. The corresponding report was published on January 31.

The organization says that it has documented «numerous cases» when rockets containing PFM anti-personnel mines (“petal mines”) were fired at the occupied territories near Russian military installations. The report says that most of the mines found in Izyum were scattered by rocket and artillery installations and aircraft or by launchers.

According to the organization, the use of «petals» was recorded in nine different areas of Izyum and its environs. Human Rights Watch also claimed 11 civilians were hit by these mines.

«The Russian military is constantly using anti-personnel mines and has committed horrific crimes across the country, but this does not justify Ukraine's use of prohibited weapons,” said Steve Goose, director of arms at Human Rights Watch.

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