“I don’t think I’ll rap someday”

“I don’t think I’ll rap someday”

“Les Vestiges du Fléau”, title of the reissue of Gims’ album, in stores this Friday, is the singer’s ultimate foray into rap.

“The sound with Nekfeu, I think it’s my last rap verse”, loose Gims, in full promotion of Remnants of the Scourge, reissue of his successful album released at the end of 2020. The singer notably signs a duet with the rapper Nekfeu, What is del. He also raps with the Marseillais SCH and Jul, or Leto and Bosh, Naza, Heuss l’Enfoiré, Vald or Kaaris: the flower of rap.

This new album, which includes ten unreleased tracks and oscillates between rap and variety, is therefore the last stand of the ex-Sexion d’Assaut in rap.

“I know that today, people are not waiting for me there. I am not going to remake a Stade de France with a 100% rap album, he delivers to BFMTV. [Cet album] it was a wish, and I’m glad I did [mais] I don’t think I’ll ever rap again, actually. The sound with Nekfeu, I think it’s my last rap verse. There won’t be any more “.

“Vocally it was a challenge”

Besides very rap songs, therefore, like It hurts (with Naza), or GJS (with Jul and SCH), The Remnants of the Scourge conceals an astonishing recovery of Belle, the song by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante, from the musical Notre Dame of Paris and performed by Garou, Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori.

“Vocally, it was a challenge, assures Gims. We said to ourselves that we might not get there, but we will maybe bring something different. We relied more on that. , because vocally, there is a level. We called Slimane, with his voice a little hoarse, we said to ourselves ‘Come on, he can do the Garou’ “.

Gims will also be on stage with his accomplices from Sexion d’Assault, for in March 2022, at the U Arena in Nanterre. “The reunion will be happy, people will relive a lot of things. Big moment of memory, a lot of thrills a lot of emotion, I think. It will be a moment to live”, he promises.

Nicolas Behar with Magali Rangin

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