“I had decided to leave television until they proposed to me ‘OST’”

“I had decided to leave television until they proposed to me ‘OST'”

Emilio Aragón returns to television after almost 15 years. The presenter and actor lands on Movistar + with ‘BSO’, a format in which front-line guests will recount his life through his Favorite songs, those that have marked his professional career and, above all, your most important personal moments: “We have tried that each program has the personality of each guest “.

“I had made the decision to leave television behind and dedicate myself to writing, until they proposed me to be part of this program,” said Aragón in the presentation in which YOTELE was present, avoiding talking about interviews to refer to this space: “I do not interview the guests, I ask them why these songs impact their lives“.

Bely Basarte, Miss Caffeine, Natalia Lacunza, Kiko Venom, Andrés Suárez, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Mikel Erentxun, La Bien Querida, María José Llergo, Carlos Núñez or Bebe, Among others, they will be some of the artists who will also star in the musical performances of this program in which the visual narrative has an important weight in each installment, according to Aragón: “The program is structured as if it were a song.”

We wanted to build an ambitious project, we needed Emilio Aragón to be able to do it. (…) It’s a super production. It is very difficult to find another show and equate it to this high altitude “, assured Fernando Jerez, director of entertainment content at Movistar +.” All the programs we have seen so far exceed initial expectations, “said Alex Martínez Roig, content director of Movistar +.

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As we already reported, Belén Rueda, Joaquín, Los Javis and Raphael will be the first guests of ‘BSO’. As will happen in each installment, the space will represent the universe of the honorees, with a scenography according to their personality, choreographies directed by Iker Carrera (‘FAMA to dance’), live musical performances, a band, instrumental musicians, audiovisual productions, emotion and nostalgia: “This program could only have been carried out here, at Movistar +”.

Finally, each installment will end with a very special performance, that of Bebo San Juan, alter ego by Emilio Aragón, performing and giving a song to his guest to be part of his future soundtrack. “That’s what my grandchildren call me. You will see throughout the programs the weight that this nickname has“, assures the musician, who finished the wheel interpreting ‘Pan y Canela’.


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