I Love You Hairstyle: The 5-star cast of Muriel Robin for this hair-raising project

Monday December 21, TF1 broadcasts “I Love You Hairstyle” a film directed by Muriel Robin. The comedian and actress also plays there alongside many personalities from all walks of life.
Muriel Robin is in the spotlight this Monday, December 21, 2020, on TF1. The first channel broadcasts the film I Love You Hairstyle which marks a new stage in the career of the 65-year-old woman.

In January, Muriel Robin began shooting the TV movie, a fiction built around cult comedian sketches . And the latter did not only shoot in front of the camera! For the first time, she also took on the role of director and directed no less than 48 personalities . Many are indeed the stars to have agreed to shoot for her in order to put in images “The Hairdressing Salon”, “The Wedding” or “The Hotel” as you can see in the slideshow. Viewers will have the pleasure of seeing Thierry Ardisson , Vanessa Paradis , Alexandra Lamy , Christophe Dechavanne , Nikos Aliagas ,Christophe Willem , Line Renaud , Mimie Mathy , Jean-Pierre Foucault , Anouchka Delon , Dave or even Michèle Bernier in this project carried out simultaneously with his partner, Anne Le Nen .

Questioned by this beautiful project by 20 Minutes , Muriel Robin revealed that the shooting lasted nine days and that it was ” neither easy nor difficult to make a movie “. ” The story revolves around two sisters, one from Paris and the other from the provinces who run a hairdressing salon. We go back and forth between the two. We have scenes with people talking to each other, we are no longer in the one-man-show, we are in a fiction, ”she said. She then referred to her five-star cast: ” It’s only now that I realize that this cast is pretty amazing.. I had so much to do from the moment I got into this project that I didn’t have time to think too much. (…) What is nice is that I called them one after the other and all of them said yes without asking me a single question about who there would be else, how their image would be used for promo, etc. I told them that I saw them in such and such a role and they came . Everyone played the game, not for the money. (…) This shows an extreme confidence which, over the days, during this promotion, touches me and almost goes so far as to upset me. Because there are people who are rare on TV … ”

For the purposes of filming, many people have made up themselves and have enjoyed doing it. It was just as exciting for Muriel Robin to be both an actress and a director. She did not hide that with Anne Le Nen, they were writing a comedy. ” We will produce it since we created our production company. I will direct or co-direct with it. I remain very much an actress or actress depending on the needs and desires of others, but this opens a new path, ” she concluded. .

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