if your profile picture disappears, they are scamming you

if your profile picture disappears, they are scamming you

if your profile picture disappears, they are scamming you

Yet another scam that attacks the most used application in the world. What the criminals have come up with and how to defend yourself.

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It is the most used application in the world and scammers throw themselves into it. There are countless attempts to steal data and money, the last of the 6-digit code, has returned to knock users during the holiday season. WhatsApp is once again the target of online criminals. The application uses all possible measures to protect its subscribers, but sometimes a particular can escape.

We hope not. WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms but also the most targeted by scams, just as has happened lately: criminals sneak into the millions of users who text and call each other especially during the holidays. The testimonies from users have been many and suggest a new disturbing scenario.

Many people in the past few days would have been dealing with a new form of scam. He acts by stealing his profile picture first, then literally tries to steal money from friends. Basically, the criminals use our profile photo to create a fake account which will then go and ask in all possible ways, money to be paid on postepay.

The scammers contact the numbers of the address book of the robbed person, using a method whose nature is not yet known. So, the first thing to do if and when your profile photo disappears, is to contact the Postal Police immediately.

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Unfortunately it is not the only scam involving the most used social network in the world. Scammers hackers flock to WhatsApp and devise the most disparate ways to be able to scam the largest number of users: from fake supermarket coupons, to the 6-digit code, up to Christmas greetings. The advice is to always be careful and never open links of dubious origin.

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