Ignat about explosions at Russian Air Force bases: They thought there would be no retribution

Ignat about explosions at Russian Air Force bases: They thought there would be no retaliation< /p>

After today's explosions of an unknown nature at least at two air bases of the Russian Aerospace Forces hundreds of kilometers from Ukraine, the enemy command will think about where to place Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers now. This was stated by the representative of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat in a commentary to the «Liga«.

According to him, he «knows nothing», and he «saw the information about the explosions, just like you, in the news». To a clarifying question, «what is the importance of these bases?», Ignat replied that «any enemy equipment destroyed is a definite joy».

He noted that at least At least from the airfield near Engels, the invaders take off and launch missile strikes from the very beginning of the war, strategic aviation is based there.

«Rockets are loaded there, planes are refueled, they take off for combat courses, from where they strike – from the Volgodonsk region of the Rostov region, as well as from the Caspian region. From there they hit our energy, in particular, now. This (incidents of December 5, – ed.) Gives them worries. They must now think about where they are now based, if there is such a threat. They felt safe on remote airfields. They thought that retribution in the form of «bavovna» will not come. But it comes, and more often», – emphasized the representative of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He clarified that «it was reported about the incapacitation of two aircraft for a while, and maybe for long».

«They write that the drone is shock. These are the consequences of Russian aggression. The Russians cannot feel safe now – both military and civilian. They cannot feel safe now, even hundreds of kilometers from the front,” Ignat summed up.

  • December 5, two airfields from where the Russian Federation launches missiles at Ukraine exploded . Tu-95 aircraft damaged.

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