Impressive footage of Chernobaevka after liberation appeared

Impressive footage of Chernobaevka after liberation appeared

On the web appeared the first footage of the results of the destruction by HIMARS missiles of the airport terminal in Chernobaevka near Kherson, in which on July 9 the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of the 20th motorized rifle division of the RF Armed Forces. The video was published by journalist Yuri Butusov.

«The video from the copter shows holes in the roof, the building was completely destroyed, as a result of the strike, the following were liquidated: commander of the 20th division Alexy Gorobets, chief of staff of the division Sergey Kens, division artillery chief Nikolai Kornelyuk, division deputy commander Kanat Mukatov, division deputy commander for political work Sergei Avramchenko, deputy logistics commander Yevgeny Vyrodov. Losses are confirmed by official reports in the Russian media, and other personnel of the headquarters», — wrote Butusov.

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