In addition to friends, enemies will take advantage: Russians are not allowed to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

In addition to friends, enemies will take advantage: Russians are not allowed to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Today, the Kremlin is trying to impose its citizenship on Ukrainians with carrots and sticks. And at the same time, hundreds of Russians living in Ukraine dream of getting a passport with a trident. And no wonder: in favor of citizens of the Russian Federation during martial law, court decisions are not enforced, they are forbidden to alienate real estate, it has not been considered, but the question of possible confiscation of assets is being raised. Russian citizenship can even be an obstacle in personal life.

Refused to divorce her husband

The artist Alina has been living in Ukraine for more than eleven years. She was born here, as a small child she left with her parents for Russia, and when she grew up, she returned to Kyiv.

– I have the right to Ukrainian citizenship by birth, I completed all the documents two years ago, but the coronavirus epidemic began, and everything was closed. When it opened, I was told that first I needed to renew my certificate of permanent residence. This also took time. And now I have everything in my hands, but the documents are not accepted, – the girl says.

Alina admits that she did not force the issue of obtaining citizenship very much. Like many others, I could not believe that a country in which parents and many friends remained would go to war with Ukraine. A person busy with work and family is usually in no hurry to run around the authorities. But the family broke up, and in March they refused to divorce Alina from her husband.

– They said that citizens of the Russian Federation are disconnected from notary services, our interlocutor assures.

In mid-April, for those who has a permanent residence permit, services were resumed, but two of the five notaries we called said they did not work with Russian passports.

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Ukraine under bombs is nicer than safe Penza

Natasha, a Russian woman, has exactly the opposite situation. Before the war, he and his beloved, he is Ukrainian, filed documents with the registry office, the wedding is on the nose, and there are rumors that the painting may be refused.

– Diplomatic relations with Russia have been severed, registration of marriages with citizens of the Russian Federation cannot be carried out until the conflict is resolved,” said a consultant on the hotline of the Ministry of Justice.

Fortunately, the official voiced a patriotic, not a legal position.

– The procedure for registering marriages with foreigners has not changed. We make a request to the Migration Service, receive confirmation that the person is legally on the territory of Ukraine, and accept the application. If the check has already been passed, then the bride and groom will be signed, – they told us at the registry office of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv.

Natasha will be signed, Alina will be divorced, they still have the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. But they will still have to remain in the status of citizens of the Russian Federation, because in the current realities they cannot refuse it. The consulate does not work, documents cannot be transferred remotely. Girls cannot leave for Russia to apply for renunciation of citizenship, and even more do not want to. They are not sure that they will be able to return, and Ukraine under bombs is dearer to them than safe Irkutsk or Penza. And it is deeply not a fact that the local officials will treat with understanding the two Russian women – “Bandera”.

The State Migration Service declined to comment on the situation. From unofficial sources, we learned that the issue of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for Russian Russians was simply put on hold.

Only for certain categories

Two and a half months before the war, a law came into force that simplified the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for certain categories of persons. These are servicemen, refugees, Russians and Belarusians who came to Ukraine for reasons of political persecution or have merit before Ukraine. They were able to declare their renunciation of their citizenship.

“The procedure is really simple, and my friends have already taken advantage of it,” says Artyom Skoropadsky, former press secretary of the Right Sector and now editor of the Kraina magazine. – At the Migration Service, you need to write an application for renunciation of Russian citizenship, come to the post office and send a letter with notification to the Russian consulate. The post office declares that the envelope contains a Russian passport and other documents, and issues a receipt. The receipt must be taken to the migration office, and ten days later they issue a Ukrainian passport.

Stopping the work of the consulate, Artem believes, is not a hindrance, since the main thing is to send it to the address. Theoretically, the same procedure for the duration of the war can be extended to all Russians entitled to our citizenship.

– But this is a difficult story. Given the current situation, the parliament will not amend the law for citizens of the Russian Federation. The issue is being resolved individually for each person, our interlocutor believes.

As you can see, it has not yet been resolved.

Expert's comment

– Russia acts in its own interests, and we know in what. Simplifying the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship during the war is very dangerous for us, – says former SBU officer Ivan Stupak. – In each case, a very thorough and in-depth check should be carried out, because, except for friends, the simplified procedure can be used enemies to infiltrate their agents.

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