In Berdyansk, the housing of a collaborator who denounced city hall employees was blown up | PHOTO

In Berdyansk, the housing of collaborator Sergei Girenko was blown up, on the basis of whose denunciations the city hall employees were arrested. This is reported by the Telegram channel «Berdyansk Today«.

«According to the information we have, the consequences of the merciless explosion in the Colonia microdistrict, which Berdyansk heard, was the destruction of the housing of one of the local collaborators. Traitor – Sergei Girenko, before going over to the side of the enemy, worked in the Berdyansk Executive Committee as an ordinary specialist in the department of information and communication resources. After the occupation of the city, one of the first went to work for the occupier, sharing pro-Russian views. Actively agitated other employees of the executive committee to go to work for the occupiers. Threatened and handed over his», — the material of the channel says.

It is noted that it was on his denunciations that the city hall employees were arrested, followed by inclination to work in the occupation administration.

«In addition, he «in the name of Russia» and the new government took part in forcing private enterprises of the city to cooperate with the occupiers & # 187;, & # 8212; specified in the post.

It is also reported that before the start of the war, the parents of the traitor worked in the 16th school, and after the occupation, they continued to work on the side of the invader with pleasure. Valery Girenko is a chemistry teacher, Victoria Girenko is a biology teacher. The department of education suspended labor relations with them in the summer. Thus, the whole family actively supported the Russian Federation and campaigned for a referendum.

In the spring of 2022, a case was initiated against Sergei Girenko under Part 5 of Art. 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – high treason.

«The occupiers do not want to make this information public, since according to their version there is no more partisan movement in the city. In addition, it is already very difficult for them to contain panic among collaborators. So far, it is not possible to verify information about the consequences of karma, since the microdistrict is heavily patrolled by the occupying military», — added to the Telegram channel.

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