In Calgary, police are investigating about 300 bronze plaques stolen from a cemetery

&In Calgary, police are investigating some 300 bronze plaques stolen from a cemetery

Those responsible for the theft of the bronze objects are suspected by the police of having done so in the hope of reselling them and profiting in this way from the rise in prices metals.

Between Aug. 18 and Aug. 23, approximately 300 bronze headstones were stolen from Queen's Park Cemetery in northwest Calgary, city police, who say they are investigating the matter, reported Friday. .

Several bronze burial vessels were also stolen, according to the Calgary police statement. He was brought to the attention of the cemetery staff after being told by families that plaques were missing from the graves of their loved ones.

The theft of these plates will no doubt leave citizens disappointed and upset, said Sergeant Colin Chisholm of the General Investigations Unit, who called the incident completely disrespectful and very disheartening.


Investigators believe that those responsible for these thefts acted in the hope of reselling these bronze objects, given the high cost of metals currently on the market.

As a result, the police say they work with scrap metal buyers, whom they urge to be vigilant, and not to melt down metals of suspicious origin at the risk of #x27;Solving fines.

In the same vein, Sergeant Colin Chisholm appealed for the cooperation of residents. We urge anyone with information on the location of the plaques or information on who was responsible for the thefts to come forward.

The public is thus invited, as appropriate, call the police department at 403-266-1234, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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