In Chernihiv, Boris Johnson was consecrated to the Cossacks

Boris Johnson was ordained a Cossack in Chernihiv

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became a Cossack. The corresponding decision was made by the Chernihiv Cossack community of the Catherine Church. Suspіlne writes about this.

– This is our respect and gratitude to this outstanding person for supporting Ukraine. Pay attention, he signs on Instagram as Johnsonyuk – this is a British surname in the Ukrainian manner. So this is not our idea, but he himself told us what to do, – said Andrei Lesnoy, deputy director general of the Chernigov Regional Historical Museum named after Tarnovsky.

According to the publication, the British prime minister was initiated into the Cossacks under the name Boris Churina . A letter certifying this will be sent to London, and in memory of this event, Kyiv masters Daria Dobryakova and Yuri Kutilov painted the British politician in the image of “Cossack Mamai”.

– Why Chuprina? You see that his hairstyle is loose on his head, it emphasizes his character, emphasizes his will. It is clear from his face that he is a great man. It is this feature that we wanted to emphasize so that in the future, having said Boris Chuprin, everyone would know who they are talking about, ”Lesnoy emphasized.

According to him, the painting with Johnson the Cossack will remain in the Tarnovsky Museum , but its second copy will be sent to London along with diplomas.

In Chernihiv, Boris Johnson was initiated into the Cossacks


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