In Donbass, a priest of the UOC-MP worked for the invaders and ordered the killing of competitors from the OCU

In the Donbass, a UOC-MP priest worked for the occupiers and ordered the killing of competitors from the OCU

The rector of the church of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate in Lisichansk, Andrei Pavlenko, actively cooperated with the Russian occupiers and even ordered them to kill «competitors» from the OCU. This is reported by The New York Times.

It is reported that the clergyman stayed with his flock and even visited the hospital to pray with the wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, behind the backs of the Ukrainian fighters, he collaborated with the invaders.

Thus, the priest transmitted to the invaders data on the placement of Ukrainian positions, the movement of equipment, and also gave instructions on the liquidation of the priests of the OCU.

«There are about 500 of them in the north, with a mortar platoon, five armored personnel carriers and three tanks», Pavlenko wrote about Ukrainian positions to a Russian officer in March 2022, when Russian troops were shelling Severodonetsk and the areas around it with artillery.

In addition, Pavlenko wrote that it was necessary to kill the priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, whom he considered his competitor. Among other things, the rector participated in the so-called «filtration». He compiled and sent to the Russian invaders lists of people who «need to be arrested after Severodonetsk was captured».

In December 2022, the priest was convicted as a spy to 12 years in prison. And then, as part of the exchange of prisoners, he was sent to the Russian Federation, exchanging for a US citizen Murekezi Suedi. The NYT draws attention to the fact that more than 30 clergymen and nuns of the Russian Orthodox Church have recently been arrested or publicly recognized as suspects in Ukraine.

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