In Germany, they told when the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be ready to control the BMP Marder

Germany told when the APU soldiers will be ready to operate the Marder BMP

The Ukrainian military will start learning how to operate Marder infantry fighting vehicles in early February. The crews will be ready by the end of March, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said.

According to him, the Ukrainian crews will be trained for six weeks — training could start in Münster in early February.

«Our goal — synchronize training with the repair of main battle tanks and training on the Marder infantry fighting vehicle so that Ukrainian crews and combat vehicles are ready for operations at the front by the end of the first quarter of 2023», — Pistorius said.

The Minister noted that since the beginning of the war, Germany has been one of the largest allies of Ukraine.

«The current course of the war and the emerging operational conditions mean the need to provide Ukraine with additional military equipment for highly mobile and protected combat operations and further strengthen Ukrainian troops. The time window for this critical phase is short,” he said.

  • Germany has clarified how many Marder BMPs Ukraine can get.

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