In Kherson, as a result of Russian shelling, the Epicenter shopping center burned down

Epicenter shopping center burned down in Kherson as a result of Russian shelling

In Kherson, as a result of artillery shelling by Russian invaders on the night of February 3, the shopping center «Epicenter» burned to the ground. This was reported by the press service of the company.

«In the social networks of Kherson, the attack of the invaders has already been called purposeful, the purpose of which is to undermine life in the region and leave Kherson residents without a livelihood», the message says.

«Epicenter» resumed work after the de-occupation of Kherson in order to provide residents of the city with access to essential goods. However, as a result of another terrorist attack by the enemy, the retail facility located at 17 Berislav Highway was completely destroyed.

«It is very painful to realize that we have lost a place where we worked a lot years, where we have invested so much of our own efforts and love, which has become a part of ourselves. In one night it turned into ashes. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs, and thousands more will now be unable to provide themselves with essential commodities. People are deprived of the opportunity to exist», – says acting. director of the shopping center Denis Litvinov.

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