In Kherson, the Russians kidnapped the mayor: first he was handcuffed, then he was taken away

In Kherson, the Russians kidnapped the mayor: first he was handcuffed, then he was taken away

Mayor Igor Kolykhaev disappeared in Kherson. The Kherson city council reported about the kidnapping of the mayor.

– Today, Russian invaders kidnapped Kherson mayor Igor Kolykhaev. So far, nothing is known about his whereabouts, – the city council's Facebook says.

The information was confirmed to the Commander-in-Chief by the head of the Kherson regional military administration, Gennady Laguta. According to him, the Russians detained Kolykhaev at about 11 a.m. on June 28. It is not yet known where the mayor of Kherson is. Laguta told the Radio Liberty project “News of the Sea of ​​Azov” that the information about the detention of Kolykhaev was confirmed to him from several sources, but he does not have more detailed information about the circumstances and the location of the mayor.

Igor Kolykhaev's adviser Galina Lyashevskaya told on his Facebook page that the mayor was kidnapped when he arrived at one of the municipal institutions where the remaining employees of the city executive committee work.

– As soon as he got out of the car, he was immediately detained by armed Russian guards and, most likely, by the FSB. They seized hard drives from computers, opened all safes, searched for documents. All this time, Kolykhaev was kept in a separate office in handcuffs under armed guards. After the search, Kolykhaev was put on the Z bus and taken away,” she wrote.

Lyashevskaya is sure that Kolykhaev’s arrest is connected with his refusal to cooperate with the occupying authorities. A few days ago, the mayor received a letter from the newly appointed “mayor”, where he invited him to discuss the future organization of interaction.

– For refusing to meet, he threatened with arrest. Kolykhaev did not go. We are all in danger. Everything is under attack. I fear for the life of Igor Kolykhaev, – concluded the adviser to the mayor of Kherson.

Igor Kolykhaev remained in Kherson, despite the occupation of the city. Gennady Laguta called this decision wrong. The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration himself left the city on February 25.

On April 26, the Russian occupation forces appointed their “leaders” of the city and region. Vladimir Saldo became the so-called “governor”, and Alexander Kobets became the “mayor”.

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