In Kherson, there was a powerful explosion in a restaurant, staff were injured

There was a powerful explosion in a restaurant in Kherson, staff were injured

An explosion occurred in the Nostalzhi restaurant in temporarily occupied Kherson, as a result of which employees of the establishment were injured . This was announced on his Facebook by the deputy of the regional council Serhiy Khlan

– Kherson region. According to preliminary data, the personnel suffered from the explosion in Nostalge. Of course, it's a pity for ordinary people, but what else did you expect from the “Russian world”? The city is occupied and for whom did these restaurants open at all? For people sitting at home and counting the last penny? In a city where there is a shortage of food and medicine. So far, only Russian officers have money for restaurants in Kherson,” he wrote.

The deputy did not specify the details of the incident, and nothing is known about the number of victims and their condition. Khlan also focused on the leadership of the city by local authorities.

– For whom did the city authorities prepare fountains, plant flower beds, decorate lawns? For whom does it create comfortable conditions? For the people of Kherson? As much as I talk to people, the issue of improvement under occupation is the last thing they care about. For there is no work, money, medicines, food, children's things. There are many options where you can spend budget funds to support Kherson residents in the occupation, but the city authorities spend the budget on improvement, – the politician was indignant.

As the deputy noted, he gets the impression that allegedly “the city authorities are indifferent what state to live in. According to him, the mayor of the city did not leave the occupied territory, but continues to work in the city, since the Russians supposedly “have no complaints against him.”

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