In one month, 43 US clinics stopped performing abortions

In one month, 43 American clinics have stopped performing abortions

Within 30 days of the Supreme Court ruling, 11 states banned all abortions.

At least 43 clinics have stopped performing abortions since the US Supreme Court's decision to no longer guarantee women's right to terminate their pregnancy, according to a study published Thursday.

In the 30 days following this historic judgment, rendered on June 24, 11 states have banned all abortions or those after six weeks of pregnancy, counts the Guttmacher Institute, which campaigns for access to contraception and to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG).

As a result, 43 clinics, including 23 in the state of Texas alone, 5 in Oklahoma and 5 in Alabama, have shut down or refocused their activities on other care, according to the count of this organization whose data refer.

One ​​of them, the Maison Rose, at the heart of the case that led to the Supreme Court's about-face, closed on July 7 after long being the only abortion provider in Mississippi.

Access to abortion, which is already very poor in much of the country, will continue to deteriorate as more states enact bans to abort in the weeks and months to come, write the study authors.

Some states, such as Louisiana or North Dakota, have laws banning abortions, but legal battles have slowed their implementation. Others, like Indiana, called an exceptional parliamentary session to adopt new texts to this effect.

Eventually, half of the States, especially in the conservative southern and central United States, should ban abortions.

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