In Sevastopol, they announced a mass attack of drones

Massive drone attack announced in Sevastopol

During the day 10 drones were shot down in occupied Sevastopol. The so-called «governor» Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Initially, Razvozhaev reported seven downed devices. Judging by his reports, the drone attack continued on the morning of January 16 for about an hour. Razvozhaev's press service specified that another drone was destroyed on the night of January 16, bringing the total number to eight.

Subsequently, Razvozhaev himself wrote another post on Telegram, in which he said that & #171;Air defense and the Black Sea Fleet shot down 10 out of 10 Ukro-pilots over the sea». At the same time, he assured that “no objects either in the city or in the water area were damaged”, and in Sevastopol itself «everything is calm».

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