In the Kherson region, the military of the Russian Federation was ordered to shoot civilians at checkpoints

In the Kherson region, the Russian military was ordered to shoot civilians at checkpoints

Ukrainian security forces intercepted another conversation. In it, the Russian soldier admitted that the leadership had allowed them to shoot civilians at checkpoints in the Kherson region. This was reported by the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine.

– At the checkpoints of the temporarily occupied Kherson region, the invaders are allowed to shoot civilians. This is evidenced by a conversation intercepted by the SBU between two occupiers from the so-called “DPR”. They provide patrols for rashists at neighboring checkpoints in the Kherson region, the SBU said.

In published conversations, the Russian said that a certain “major” ordered soldiers to immediately shoot at “suspicious” drivers who pass through checkpoints.< /p>

– They told me: if a suspicious person, burn the fuck without talking … I have an order from the major like this: a car or a truck appears, or what’s with the apples, you look, you ask: “What are you carrying?”. If a person is suspicious, fuck without talking, – says the Russian military with the call sign “Seda”.

During the conversation, another Russian soldier clarified whether it is necessary to “help burn” people if they manage to cross the first checkpoint.

– Yeah, of you, you will be the first to burn them. And if you don’t make it in time, then we?, – he clarified.

As the SBU noted, while the Russian military is distributing among themselves who will be the first to kill Ukrainians at checkpoints, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to destroy more than 31 thousand Russian soldiers in battles army.

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