In the Lugansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine wounded a Russian major general

A Russian major general was wounded in the Lugansk region

В As a result of the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Svatovo region of the Luhansk region, a Russian major general was wounded. This is stated in the summary of the General Staff.

It is reported that the commander of the 144th motorized rifle division of the 20th combined arms army of the Russian Federation, Major General Oleg Tsokov, was wounded. He was evacuated on 20 September. The General Staff added that from 19 to 20, 105 liquidated occupiers were delivered to Rostov-on-Don, and they are preparing to receive another 200 corpses.

To make up for losses, the Russian Federation continues forced mobilization in the occupied territories. On September 19, in Gorlovka, 10 men were seized and taken away to fight; from the 18th to the 20th, the Russian PMC unsuccessfully tried to recruit in the Lugansk pre-trial detention center. In Crimea, they plan to send security guards from private companies with experience in military service to the war, in Sevastopol, some firms have already received orders to prepare lists.

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