In Volyn, the principal of the school ordered to destroy the drawing of the “Russian ship …”, which she was not warned about

In Volyn, the principal of the school ordered to destroy the drawing about the "Russian ship…" farewell drawing on the school grounds. The patriotic image was dedicated to the

– They painted the picture without the knowledge of the school principal and class teacher. I am not involved in this … They came in the evening themselves. The class teacher didn't know about it. The director of the school, too, – the director of the lyceum, Maria Shevchik, explained to journalists.

Local residents say that graduates drew farewell drawings every year in front of the school, but the director assures that such a tradition has never existed. According to her, schoolchildren had to coordinate such events with the administration of the lyceum.

– I didn’t think anything. If they had been warned, then maybe they would have painted, but after that I told the class teacher, could they draw that picture beautifully and hand it over to us. We have a corner of glory. Well, to put it there, – said Shevchik.

As noted in the message, the director of the lyceum could not explain why she ordered to destroy the farewell drawing of graduates about the “Russian warship”.

In Volyn, the principal of the school ordered the destruction of the picture of the «Russian ship…», about which she not warned

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