Increase in crimes in Quebec in 2021

Rise in crimes in Quebec ;bec in 2021

Car thefts increased in 2021.

Crime is on the rise in Quebec. This is confirmed by a Public Security report on the main trends in crime in 2021.

This report is based on complaints made to the various police forces in the province.

In all, 262,033 offenses of various kinds were recorded last year in Quebec. This is 13,364 more incidents than in 2020, an increase of 5.1%. It should be noted that driving offenses are not included in this data.

Considered over a longer period, crime statistics continue to decline sharply. Crimes of all kinds have decreased by 28.2% in the last decade.

The most significant increases were recorded for crimes against the person, where the general trend is upward. Assault, sexual assault and threats sit at the top of this sad list.

Co-founder of the organization Quebec against sexual violence, Mélanie Lemay finds the incapacity governments to curb this type of crime. We have to stop shoveling in the backyard of the next generation, she says.

Criminologist and sociologist Maria Mourani, for her part, sees the increase in sexual assault reports with a positive eye. Why? she asks. Because it means there are more reports, because the victims feel more listened to, more believed and better supervised.

Rare positive note: homicides, criminal negligence and attempted murder or conspiracies to commit murder decreased in 2021.

The rise in crimes against the person contrasts with the general trend in crimes against property. These have decreased by 41.1% since 2012.

Of the offenses included in this category, entries by offense have decreased the most. In contrast, motor vehicle fraud and theft is on the rise, with 3,934 fraud cases and 2,254 vehicle thefts reported last year.

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