Incredible Talent: The Lefevre family winning, the very angry public stepped up to the plate!

Anne, Gabriel and their six children won this fifteenth season of “France has an incredible talent”! And this victory of the Lefèvre family, who shares their Catholic faith in music, angered Internet users, judging the outcome of the program to be unfair.
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, M6 broadcast the grand finale of the fifteenth season ofFrance has incredible talent . The evening, presented by Karine Le Marchand , was marked by the victory of the Lefèvre family . Enough to make viewers talk … Indeed, on Twitter, many of them express their anger!

The public has voted! Magician David Stone alias Klek Entos and Marseille street acrobats Wonsembe were outclassed by the Lefèvre family who won the show and the 100,000 euro check promised to the winner. Anne, Gabriel and their six children form a beautiful Catholic family . The small group offered sacred songs on stage. The jurors Marianne James , Hélène Segara , Eric Antoine and Sugar Sammy, doubtful at first, were also finally won over. ” We wanted to convey our love of sacred music and our Catholic faith is made visible in this way “, explain Anne and Gabriel.

The big evening, the duo and their children Gaël, Blanche, Clément, Emmanuel, Colombe and Raphaël were not present on the set. Indeed, one of the children contracted Covid-19 and it is therefore from his home in Versailles that the family connected to the set … and animated the evening with a Christmas carol.

If the Lefevres were delighted with their victory, on social networks, many are in the misunderstanding … and anger. ” So the family of choristers arrives in front of them all? It’s a hidden camera for sure Karine come back and tell us the joke is too long there “, ” They explain the Lefèvre family to me? Certainly it was beautiful their performance but seriously there were people who deserved more, clearly I did not see it coming “,” The Catho who win #LFAIT, damn, the last time I had such hatred was when David won the Top Chef final instead of Adrien “, we can read on Twitter.

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