India authorizes Sputnik V vaccine

L’India authorized for emergency use on vaccino Sputnik V. A decision that makes the country the 60th to have approved the Russian drug, and that comes just 24 hours after the umpteenth sad record of New Delhi on the pandemic front.

India has indeed bypassed Brazil becoming the second most affected nation in the world by the coronavirus.

Now the ok to Sputnik, announced just a few hours ago by the Drug Controller General of India, tries to accelerate the fight against the virus in the country and its huge population, equal to 3 billion people.

India authorizes Sputnik V vaccine

From the Russian executive they commented on the approval of the Sputnik V vaccine in India as the fruit of cooperation between countries with a view to health, research and production:

“Vaccine approval is crucial as Russia and India have continued fruitful cooperation on clinical trials of Sputnik V and on the local manufacturing front.”

The reference is to the agreement between the Russian RDIF fund and several Indian pharmaceutical companies to produce beyond 850 million doses of Sputnik V in India every year, which would mean guaranteeing sufficient doses for 425 million people, considering double administration.

Meanwhile, India continues to record very serious numbers relating to infections and deaths: in the last 24 hours alone 161,736 new cases, for a total of oltre 172,000 dead since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sputnik V joins the two other approved vaccines in the area, Moderna and Pfizer.

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