Ines Reg, very thin: before / after in photo, she reacts to her great weight loss

Become a star of social networks, comedian Inès Reg continues to confide in it with frankness and relaxation. In the story of her Instagram account, she notably mentioned her weight loss and explained how she managed to lose several pounds.
It is not without pride that the comedian Inès Reg spoke on Instagram. On Sunday, December 13, 2020, on her account where she is now followed by 2.3 million subscribers who put glitter in her life, she published a montage revealing her brand new silhouette, very much slimmed down.

In the story , the 28-year-old young woman posted two photos of herself before and after her impressive weight loss. She explains: ” I started the Abura method at 76 kilos on June 16, 2020 and on November 16, 2020 I was 61 kilos. Today I am 60 kilos. I share with you because it changed me life so if it can change yours too if you need it. “No question of a paid partnership or” a matter of contract or money “, Inès Reg is simply happy to have lost 16 kilos , that much during the summer . ” I have changed my body and I really feel better “,

Inès Reg, married for two years already with the famous Kevin , posted another message to share her experience. ” It doesn’t mean that I will never eat Kinder again in my life, it may even be one day that I will gain weight. But it’s beyond even appearance, I’m no longer out of breath, tired to nothing, and above all I’m no longer looking for a thousand techniques to feel comfortable in my clothes, “she confided with sincerity.

The Abura method promises a ” combination of several recognized techniques, implemented in a suitable way to lose weight effectively ” to its clients. The method promises shopping lists, adapted menus and offers the possibility of recalculating the daily needs of each other. Moreover, no need for extreme deprivation since it is possible to consume cookies or tacos. The dream diet?

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