Injured Masi Nayem regained consciousness after surgery

Wounded Masi Naiem regained consciousness after surgery

Ukrainian lawyer Masi Naiem, who was wounded in battle, recovered after a complex operation. He announced this on his Facebook.

– I came to my senses. I will never have one eye. Others see poorly. There was a brother, Tatka, Kostya and native partners of the company. I'm more worried about my friend, he's still in a coma. Everything will be Ukraine! I don't post photos. I don’t like myself like that,” wrote Nayem.

Masi Nayem was injured during the fighting, as a result of which he was hospitalized in the regional hospital named after. Mechnikov in the Dnieper. The fact that the serviceman was operated on was reported by his brother Mustafa Nayem. According to him, the lawyer has a severe shrapnel wound to the head, multiple bone fractures and an intracranial hematoma.

Masi Nayem is the founder of the law firm Miller. From August 2015 to October 2016, he took part in hostilities in eastern Ukraine. The fact that he was again in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine became known on April 17.

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