Inoki launches “The Hell Strikers”, a rap challenge to the last rhyme

Inoki launches “The Hell Strikers”, a rap challenge to the last rhyme

Inoki launches “The Hell Strikers”, a rap challenge to the last rhyme

A challenge to the last rhyme. This is what the rap contest “The Heel Strikers” proposes which for three days, from tonight to Friday 9, starting at 7 pm on the Facebook pages of all the partners and artists involved and on the Django Concerti YouTube channel, will be broadcast in live streaming. from the House of Arts in Conversano. The competition is launched by Inoki (aka Fabiano Ballarin), an icon of Italian rap and fresh from the publication of the new Medioego album, who will be the protagonist of the event where he will perform live in all three evenings, also offering an unreleased song.
«I was born in Rome, I lived for years in Bologna, but for some years I have chosen to live in Porto Cesareo, where I finally hope to find my dimension – specifies Inoki-. In Puglia I feel at home, the region and its inhabitants have literally adopted me. Then I think of the great cultural heritage of this land: from food to music, from nature to artistic heritage, but also trivially to the folkloric tradition. We have chosen to call the event “The Heel Strikers” precisely to pay homage to Puglia, “heel” in English heel refers, in fact, to the Heel of Italy ».

In Inoki, therefore, the task of introducing the guests and coordinating the jury called to evaluate the performances of four emerging Apulian MCs who arrived in the final selections: Bruno Bug, Kilben, Mako and Santè. The four Apulian artists, who will perform with unpublished songs, will be judged by a jury of experts called to evaluate rhymes and lyrics starting with rapper Tenko Bloodlaire, one of the most active in the Apulian underground scene with various publications and collaborations with artists. of the Italian scene. With him the radio host Paco, creator of the Blamus program, expert in black music and co-founder of the Apulian Black Connection project, and the DJ Mista P, who collaborates in numerous events dedicated to black music, including the Red Bull 3Style. The winner of the contest will be given the opportunity to enter the roster of Glory Hole Records, one of the most important record companies of Italian rap, for the publication and promotion of a new single.
«When Django Concerti proposed me to participate in the event – continues Inoki – I immediately said yes. I like the idea of ​​digitally projecting in streaming what has always been a cornerstone of the Hip-Hop world: the live “battle”. These four young MCs that I met for the occasion are all very valid and have the right approach to the confrontation and artistic confrontation that naturally must develop on stage. Since the beginning of my career I have always actively experienced this type of events and compared to the past, I can say that many of the very young, also thanks to social media, are able to find the right “vibes” to make rap music. An event like this is the best possible thing we could have done at a time like this, where it is not possible to experience live music “.

But let’s try to understand who are the four Apulian talents who will compete in rhymes starting with the 25-year-old Bruno Bug from Bisceglie, the stage name of Bruno Lopopolo. Bug, in fact, is considered one of the most talented of Italian freestyle and has participated in several and important contests such as: Perfect Techniques, Fight Ckub, Mic Scrauso and Mic Tyson. The 24-year-old Kilben, alias of Claudio Carbone, comes from Molfetta, a city not new to talents linked to rap and hip-hop. Kilben stands out for being one of the most interesting songwriters, qualities exhibited several times at the “Mic Da Dojo” freestyle gathering. Among the best female voices of the Apulian scene, a prominent place belongs to Santè, the stage name of the 27-year-old rapper Santina Parisi from Terli, considered one of the most interesting names in the Italian underground. Finally, the youngest of all Mako, aka Mattia Cosi. At the age of 21, the rapper from Brindisi made numerous singles, which made him famous for the themes of the lyrics and the sounds very close to trap. «The Heel Strikers» is made with the contribution of Puglia Sounds.

(photo Jacopo Farina)

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