«Instagram is not my reality show. The private jet? I live life, I don’t flaunt it »- Corriere.it

«Instagram is not my reality show. The private jet? I live life, I don’t flaunt it »- Corriere.it

of Renato Franco

Paolo Bonolis’ wife made her debut in September as a columnist at the «Big Brother Vip»: «The reality show fascinates me. Me in the race? No, this is just a parenthesis “

Che pundit will be, bad, pungent or Christian Democrat?“Democrat just doesn’t suit me.”

Signorini says that to make TV you have to be cynical.«I think that, not only on TV, but in life it is convenient to be cynical, if not anesthetized. And I tend to be. Evidently Alfonso saw these characteristics in me ». Sonia Bruganelli, a life behind the scenes, gets in front of the camera in September. With Adriana Volpe he will be columnist of the Big Brother Vip, conducted for the third time by Alfonso Signorini.

Is being cynical a form of defense?“In some situations, yes, but there are different nuances: it can be a form of defense, an attack, or lack of interest in some things. Over time I began to appreciate that healthy detached way of seeing things, being amazed when needed but not paying attention to human dynamics that leave the time they find because I have learned that people change based on needs, needs, situations, moments: consistency is a very complicated quality. And I’m not saying this in a judgmental way. Everyone is asked to constantly change their form, appearance, thought, because otherwise they are no longer interesting, captivating, the new means of communication have imposed it on us ».

Why the Gf Vip?“It’s a reality show that has always fascinated me, a very innovative psychological and social experiment, I’ve always been struck by the dynamics of people in captivity. I always followed him and in the end I fell for it. Accepting to be a Gf Vip is the most transgressive thing I have done in my life ».

Not just a social experiment. Big Brother was the first to promote the competence of incompetence: it is not important to know how to do something, but to be there.«Everything stems from the need to continuously create new content, everything is needed immediately and this lowers the quality. The demand for non-excellent professional level characters is also the result of the fact that we want to produce a lot at increasingly competitive prices ».

Maybe then she also wants to do it as a competitor …«Here, the question already makes me doubt that I have made a very wrong choice. But I’m sure, this is just a parenthesis, a digression. Then I go back to my Sdl 2005, a production company of TV formats and programs such as Come on another one! I will also continue to lead Sonia’s books, a program of meetings with important writers to talk about their books, in the light of my great passion for reading ».

She doesn’t need to do it as a competitor because after all with Instagram she already does her reality … “It’s different. In reality TV always comes out who you are. Instagram is not a reality show, it is a secret diary that everyone reads, it represents what you want to be ».

So for you it’s just fiction?“It’s a selection from my life; I do not show important personal, intimate things. Then I am a public figure by osmosis, I have no messages to send ».

Instagram cultivates narcissism, Facebook anger: do social media bring out the worst in us? «They bring out what many would like to be and do not have the courage to be. If people who write on Twitter had half the courage in life that they show on social media, we would live in an easier world. Many pretend to be different from what they are, but we all have a double face, and our black soul emerges violently with anonymity ».

In the meantime, she fell for it again, she posted a video from the private jet again. As usual, the comments were poisonous.«Well I did it because usually in the summer there is so little news … In reality they are the ones who fall back on it, I don’t show off, I live my life. The haters never say, look how cute she takes the private plane at her expense and brings her friends as well. For them I am the one who flaunts, not the one who shares. I also remember that we don’t do it at someone’s expense: we pay for everything, they don’t give us anything ».

About Paolo. «Paul who?».

What advice does your husband, Paolo Bonolis, give you?«Especially one: I recommend not arguing. He knows that the thrombus easily leaves me. I’m kind of a shot but then I also forget what I said ».

Quarrelsome even at home?“Absolutely no. He is not adrenaline-pumping like on TV, he is very phlegmatic, calm. On vacation it is static: umbrella, book, coffee. But I fill his house with people, around him there is a whirlwind of activity. Here at the sea we are nine people, it is already a bit like staying in Big Brother’s house ».

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