Intelligence of Italy: Putin acknowledged the difficulties in the Donbass, the Russian Federation needs an operational pause

Italian intelligence: Putin acknowledged difficulties in Donbas, Russia needs operational pause

Italian intelligence said that the Russians needed an operational pause in the war against Ukraine to recuperate and protracted confrontation. This is stated in the report of the country's intelligence services to parliament, which is quoted by the newspaper La Stampa.

According to intelligence, Moscow is trying to use the period of relative stagnation at the front to restart its defense complex, which is beginning to feel Western sanctions, despite to significant production capacities.

It is also noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the difficulties in the Donbass for the invaders, as evidenced by the restructuring of the Russian army with an increase in the number of up to 1,500,000 people.

Intelligence officials stressed that this suggests that Putin intends to continue to fight until the key goals that Moscow is striving for are achieved.

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